Embracing PosAbilities with Josephine Opie

Josephine (Jo) Opie is a big believer in the power of positivity. 

As a coach and educator, Jo brings her training in positive psychology and wellbeing, and more than 25 years experience as a teacher and school leader, to her work with young people. 

For Jo, helping young people to embrace their potential is a rewarding role:

“All too often, I was seeing people focusing on the things kids couldn’t do. Reminding them of the things they found hard or struggled with. My philosophy is all about focusing on their abilities and strengths, taking a positive lens to how they look at life and its challenges,” she says. 

A positive psychology approach to helping young people can help improve their self confidence, their relationships and their resilience, and Jo works with teenagers and adults aged 12 – 24, both in a one-to-one coaching setting and through her group programs. 

“I love working with young people and their families so that we can take a team approach to helping them get the most out of life,” says Jo. 

Her positive approach to abilities often takes the form of focusing on a person’s strengths, and then looking at how they can use these to their advantage. For example if Jo identifies one of her clients has the strength of creativity, then she’ll use this lens when it comes to solving problems they might be facing: 

“We all love to be told we’re good at something and to be reminded of our strengths. The young people I work with flourish when they feel proud of their strengths, and can reframe things in a more positive way.” 

In 2022, Jo will be running a series of PosAbilities workshops for young people aged 12 – 24, focusing on how to create strong minds and strong futures. For people on the autism spectrum, the workshops are designed to help them live happy and flourishing lives, with a sense of belonging, accomplishment, connection and freedom. The workshops are interactive and engaging, giving participants the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. 

And thanks to her NDIS approval, Jo can offer her 10 Steps to Happiness Program at a really affordable rate. 

“I’ve loved working with Phuong and Connect My Consultancy on the business side of what I do – it means I’m approved as an NDIS provider, so I can provide coaching, education and support to the people who really need it,” says Jo.

Jo will be hosting a coffee meet-up for ASD parents on Wednesday 24 November at 10am at the Coffee Club in Shellharbour. All parents of children and young people with ASD are welcome to attend. 

In 2022, Jo’s workshop dates are: 


Option 1: Mondays 7th Feb – 14th March – 10am – 12noon

Option 2: Wednesdays 9th Feb – 16th July – 6pm-8pm

Option 3: Mondays 6th June – 11th July – 6pm-8pm

Option 4: Wednesdays 8th June – 13th July – 10am-12noon



Option 5: Tuesdays 8th Feb – 15th March – 10am-12noon

Option 6: Thursdays 10th Feb – 17th March – 6pm – 8pm

Option 7: Tuesdays 7th June – 12th June – 6pm – 8pm

Option 8: Thursdays 9th June – 14th July – 10am – 12noon

Book your place at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/10-steps-to-happiness-tickets-201395317817 

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