Introducing Robofit: The ultimate in cutting-edge rehabilitation.

Our hometown of Wollongong is home to some pretty amazing organisations, and one of these is Robofit – Australia’s first robot-powered rehabilitation centre. 

RoboFit is the culmination of an eight-year long journey for husband and wife duo Maryanne Harris and Daniel Hillyer.

After experiencing a balcony collapse in 2010, Daniel was left with a life altering diagnosis of quadriplegia, ending his career as a chef. Doctors informed him that wouldn’t be able to move from the neck down, a devastating diagnosis that Daniel and Maryanne simply refused to accept.

With an exercise science degree behind her, Maryanne became curious about the future of rehabilitation, coming across some promising technology from Cyberdyne, based in Japan. This interest led Daniel and Maryanne to labs and conferences all over the world, and the development of a partnership with Cyberdyne.

Cyberdyne’s Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) technology has changed Daniel’s life, restoring motor and sensory function previously thought to be lost forever and proving that you should never say never.

“Using HAL is about more than standing and walking. It’s about doing something that I was told I’d never be able to do again. It’s about taking back control of my life, my story and believing that I should never give up,” says Daniel. 

HAL is the world’s first neuro controlled exoskeleton, primarily used to train, support and enhance the wearer’s strength. This ultimately improves the wearer’s independence and quality of life.

Using electrodes, HAL reads the wearer’s bioelectric signals, interpreting the wearer’s movement intention and working with them to complete movements. 

HAL moves with the wearer, rather than for the wearer. 

This might sound complex, but RoboFit’s certified staff have a deep understanding of the technology and know how to use the technology to personalise each session to the wearer’s 

Robofit’s new rehabilitation centre in Wollongong is leading the way in this technology, and we’re so lucky to have access to this on our doorstep.

The Robofit team has extended a very special launch offer to our Connect My Community audience – assessments booked in May 2021 are free of charge. Get in touch here to book yours.

Want to find out more about Robofit? 


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