Shining a light on services in the Shoalhaven

As a specialist Parkinsons Nurse, Nina Digiglio has seen firsthand the need for better access to support services in the Shoalhaven region. She works with patients throughout the Shoalhaven region and beyond, and believes everyone deserves access to quality care. 

An advocate for the community, part of Shoalhaven Community First and the Shoalhaven Hospital Action Group, Nina is a passionate campaigner for better access to health services, patient transport and housing for the people most in need in the area. 

“The Shoalhaven hasn’t had decent health funding for a long time, and with an ageing population, many of the people in our community are at risk and need access to support services – whether that’s Aged Care Services or Disability Services,” says Nina.

The lack of available services in the Shoalhaven means many people in need are forced to travel long distances to centres like Wollongong and Sydney for their support, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the problems with this. 

According to Nina, the lack of public transport is an ongoing problem, and the current travel climate has made things worse: 

“Many of the people who need these services aren’t able to drive, and they rely on special transport services, but it’s harder than ever for them to travel to see specialists or service providers.”

There’s a real need for better services in the Shoalhaven region, and Connect My Community Consultancy is hoping to help by encouraging more service providers in the area to register as NDIS and My Aged Care providers. 

Recognising the need for a comprehensive overview of the services available in the Shoalhaven, the Shoalhaven Allied Health Directory has been created to give an overview of service providers and their details. It’s a step in the right direction to improving access for people living in the region, and provides easy access to information about local health services, here: 

Find out more about Nina’s work by connecting with her on Facebook at: 

Facebook for Shoalhaven Allied Health Network:

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