Supporting small businesses to thrive

Amanda Yeoman from Bluebell Administration is a big believer in helping small businesses to thrive, through providing strategic and supportive admin services. 

With 20 years of experience in providing administrative support to small businesses and not-for-profit organisations, Amanda loves problem-solving and finding solutions to small business challenges. 

Her natural affinity with small businesses has made her the ideal support for Connect My Community Consultancy in recent months, as the safe pair of hands keeping tasks on track across multiple areas of the business. 

Amanda says she loves helping business owners refocus their energy into what’s important:

“I love doing the tasks that often get put off – the important activities that business owners struggle to find time for in their day-to-day work life. Together, we work out which tasks could be outsourced to me, and I can even help identify and preempt ways of working smarter, instead of harder,” says Amanda.

As a virtual administrator (VA), Amanda is able to provide support to businesses anywhere in the country, and her business service is designed to be flexible, making it ideal for small and micro businesses.

“Not all businesses have the capacity to employ an administrator full time or even part time, which is where VA services like Bluebell Admin can help. I can provide support from as little as a few hours per week, or can be brought in to help with specific projects. It makes for a much more cost-effective way of working,” says Amanda. 

The pandemic has also increased the visibility of VAs in providing remote business support, as people become more aware of what can be achieved remotely.

“It’s definitely opened up new possibilities for many businesses,” says Amanda. “People have realised they can outsource tasks to a person with the right skills, it doesn’t matter where that person is based. Experienced administrators can identify ways to streamline your systems and processes, and will naturally be more efficient at getting through admin tasks. It’s such a privilege being able to help businesses grow and enjoy success, and I love being a part of that.” 

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