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Think of me as your go-to guru for all things compliance, with a huge sprinkle of community love!

Are you a bustling small business owner juggling a million things? Need a hand navigating the NDIS maze with integrity? Look no further! Here at Connect My Community, we offer the tech-savvy support and insider knowledge you need to be an awesome NDIS provider.

Some little known facts

about me

I was a PE teacher before I did this.

I worked for the government

(so I’ve seen the secrets behind the curtain, warts and all)

I love drinking tea!

I am prone to wearing rainbow skirts and fun t-shirts

I’m obsessed with making the NDIS the amazing space I know it can be

I have been working with NDIS providers for five years, helping them navigate the NDIS with integrity and achieving registration even when the odds were stacked against them. 

I’ve helped people pick up the pieces after some not-so-great people made a mess of their business, their systems or their registration. 

I’ve built a community of providers I know are doing this for their participants – yes they need to earn a living, but goodness me they are the most generous and caring people I’ve ever met. They go above and beyond and never cease to surprise and delight me with their big hearts.

I love to shine a light on the good news stories in the NDIS. Spotlighting stories of bonza participant outcomes, incredible services and genuine impacts that the people we work with create.