Consulting Services

I talk with NDIS providers every day who struggle to get out of the operations and into the “strategic work” in their business.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re not alone

and we are here to help

Our consultation services create clarity FOR YOU in your business.

I have helped hundreds of NDIS providers navigate the maze that is NDIS, grow and scale their businesses, and solve complex problems over the last five years.

There’s never two issues alike or two clients that we help the same way. Each business is treated and cared for unique to its services, people and supports provided to the community.

How our Consulting Services work

Are we the

right consultant for you

It’s ‘mission critical’ for us to be the right fit for each other. There are a few criteria we use to ensure we can work successfully together.

The best interests of your participants are core to how you operate and drive your decisions and values.

Consulting involves us working with you – it’s not just a ‘do-this-audit-for-me’ scenario. When consulting support fails, in our experience, it’s because this expectation isn’t clear and we hit roadblocks where the business owner struggles to collaborate.

Our service includes systems to keep open communication and transparency around the work we are doing. We need you to keep us in the loop as well. If you don’t share clearly and honestly with us, it hinders our ability to properly support you.

We actively seek out constructive feedback, but if we do make a mistake we need to know what happened and why, so we can address it well, and be sure to do it better next time.


You can book in a chunk of time online:

▪ Onboarding questionnaire
▪ Consult hour
▪ Resources and recommendations
▪ Introductions to our known, liked and trusted specialists as required

▪ Onboarding questionnaire
▪ Consult session
▪ Resources and recommendations
▪ Introductions to our known, liked and trusted specialists as required

Pre pay and secure a bank of consulting hours to connect with Phuong Starting at $3000 for 10 hours Use these hours for:

▪ Questions
▪ Advice
▪ Face to face sessions*
▪ Resources
▪ Recommendations
▪ Reviews of documents, processes, forms, templates etc

*A minimum of 1 week’s notice is required to book a face to face sessions

Frequently asked questions

Our consulting approach is collaborative because the reality is, we don’t know your staff and participants – you do.

We know what you need to be compliant. We give you the framework and support to fill this in with the detailed, unique knowledge you have.

For example, we can undertake all the administration and provide you with the templates and resources you need to close the gaps.

We can’t complete care plans, intake forms, or staff checks such as the NDIS worker check, police check or WCC check for you. We will support you to execute this, but you must complete these with your team.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. If you require an engagement beyond me (Phuong), it will be an additional cost to work with my team – but of course I will be more than happy to help with introductions and transtions.

We can not influence the NDIS timelines and process.

We can reduce the time spent on both preparing for audit and rectifying any issues through our comprehensive framework and experience.