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Ongoing compliance and operational support for NDIS providers

Are you a service provider who:

Dedicated and heart-led people are angels on earth. As service providers, they are dedicated to making lives better and work tirelessly to achieve this.

The problem is, that often means being stuck in the daily “doing”, working with participants, their families and their networks to get them the support they need. That means agreements get put off, progress notes are forgotten for today, the inbox starts to fill up, and the new system you just invested in is gathering dust half implemented on your computer.

Compliance slips. Administration piles up. It feels overwhelming and not only consumes time, but consumes your head space and energy too.

As an NDIS Compliance Consultant, I’ve been brought into countless businesses when they were in desperate need of help to fix things before their audit.

Many clients have also struggled with finding a  trustworthy, competent employee who can cover all the different tasks they need to get done and has the multitude of skills and experience required.

I realised there was a better way to do this.

To create a team that can work with businesses and step in to the day-to-day to help manage the administration, systems and governance.

To reduce the overwhelm, clear the backlog and ensure you can continue to deliver the high quality support that your participants depend on (and love).

Introducing the

Super Support Team!

We are here to save you time, stress, and frustration.

Our team are experienced, vetted professionals across the spectrum of business administration, systems, governance and operations.

Our skills and structured onboarding process allow us to ‘hit the ground running’.

Compliance is at the centre of our service. All the work we deliver is strongly aligned with NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission’s Practice Standards and Quality Indicators, ensuring we maintain high quality in your business.

Through our multi-skilled and talented team we can tailor your support package across different business needs, including:

NDIS Consulting

Virtual Administration

Rosters and Scheduling

HR Consulting and Administration

Project Management

Business Operations and Processes

Business Systems and Information Tech

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Project Management


Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

Specialist Advice and Network

Customised, mapped, managed, communicated and complete

Ryan GottDirector, Bare Essentials Illawarra
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Being a small provider in the NDIS industry can be overwhelming. Industry awards, NDIS pricing arrangements, employee management, NDIS compliance, and the list can go on and on.

For me trying to grow a business and keeping up to date with everything was impossible. But, with the help from Phuong and her Super Support Team, they stepped right in and made the impossible for me, possible.

From creating backend systems for managing my staff, scheduling, and payroll, to building out processes to help in the onboarding of new participants and employees.

And most importantly, helping me develop detailed focus procedures and documentation for compliance guidelines. Phuong and her team have revolutionized my business and continue to do so.

Whether you are focusing on streamlining your business for easier management, or looking to prepare for NDIS registration or audits, the Super Support Team is a much a needed one-stop shop and I highly recommend them for any NDIS business.

How It Works

Are we the

right team for you?

Its mission critical for us to be the right fit for each other. There are a few criteria we use to ensure we can work successfully together.

You put your participants first

The best interests of you participants are core to how you operate and drive your ethics and values.

You want to work with us collaboratively

Support involves us working with you – its not just a do-this-task-for-me scenario. When support fails, in our experience, its because this expectation isn’t clear and we hit roadblocks where the business owner won’t collaborate.

You understand communication is a two-way street

Our service includes systems to keep open communication and transparency around the work we are doing. We need you to keep us in the loop as well. If you don’t share clearly and honestly with us, it hinders our ability to support you.

Feedback is important – but we need to know the detail

We actively seek. outfeedback, but if we do make a mistake we need to know what happened so we can address it properly.

What to expect from us


You’ll have:

  • A dedicated channel in Slack to communicate with us,
  • An Asana project board with visibility of your project and tasks,
  • A weekly meeting to check in and discuss your business support.

Best practice systems and processes

We will:

  • Adapt our standard operating procedures, policies and tools to your business
  • Recommend and implement system improvements to ensure you have secure, business-grade and quality systems in place
  • Leverage systems you already have to maximise your return on investment


We have:

  • Peer review processes to check our work
  • Strong internal systems to ensure our team delivers high quality work
  • Feedback mechanisms to address any mistakes quickly (and prevent them reoccurring)

Who we are

Our incredible team

When you work with a virtual team its always good to see the face behind the work (and emails. and messages). Meet our amazing people.

Phuong Barraclough
Phuong BarracloughFounder and CEO of Connect My Community and NDIS Compliance Consultant
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Sam Bell
Sam BellSST Coordinator
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Megan McConnell
Megan McConnellTeam Member
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Pebbles Pendergast
Pebbles PendergastTeam Member
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Nissi West
Nissi WestTeam Member
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Terri Anderson
Terri AndersonSpecial Counsel - Foye Legal
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Mollie Tranter
Mollie TranterGraphic Design
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Steve Marsh and Ally Drost
Steve Marsh and Ally DrostWeb development and digital marketing
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Penny Michie
Penny MichieNDIS Plan Manager and BAS Registered Bookkeeper and Elevate Bookkeeping
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Tania Gomez
Tania GomezNDIS Consultant and Auditor
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Hengki Widjaja and Nanan Tanoto
Hengki Widjaja and Nanan TanotoParticipant Management Software - Dayspring Care
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Justine Clout
Justine CloutRegistered Nurse - Call The Nurse
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Erin Huckle
Erin HuckleCopywriter and Awards Application Writer - Chuckle Communications
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Investment and Inclusions

Pricing is on application as each package is tailored to your needs.

No matter your hours, every package includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We require a minimum commitment of 3 months for all support agreements.

We have a bookkeeper in our specialist team who can assist with advice and reviews, however, we can’t provide actual bookkeeping such as payroll processing, approving invoices or BAS. This lawfully must be provided by a BAS registered bookkeeper.

We can engage specialists in our team for advice and questions, however if you require a bigger piece of work that will require an individual engagement with the specialist.

For example:

  • If you need advice on a specific clause in an Award, we can source that from our HR specialists as part of your agreement.
  • If you need a new contract or agreement created, or a legal letter drafted, that will be a direct engagement with the lawyer.
  • If you need advise n the best web host and website platform to use, we can source that from our web specialists as part of your agreement.
  • If you need a whole new website built from scratch, that will be a direct engagement with our web developers.

Invoices are issued weekly in advance. Your first invoice must be paid before commencement. 

Our termination clause is mutual. We both commit to three months minimum to set up your support; however we both have the write to terminate with notice after that.

We encourage our clients to give us our own username and password to all systems to avoid sharing passwords. We highly recommend, if you are not using one, to move to Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 to set up business grade email, systems and security so that you do not share your email password. We can assist with this transition too.

Connect My Community bear responsibility for resourcing appropriately skilled and experience staff, and will grow and replace team members. We document detailed processes. to make transitions easy and to cover illnesses and holidays.