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Helping community-focused small business owners make sense of the NDIS

Are you a service provider looking for support and guidance with the NDIS?

Connect my Community helps quality providers work with confidence and integrity amongst the people who need them most.

Hi, I’m Phuong.

I’ve got a head for compliance, and a heart for Community

Phuong Connect My Community

I help community-focused service businesses operate in the NDIS space.

For busy small business owners, I provide technical support and invaluable know-how when it comes to operating with integrity as an NDIS provider.

Businesses like gyms, support workers, therapists, healthcare providers, builders and construction companies, who are set to benefit from becoming officially registered as NDIS providers. But who might feel daunted and overwhelmed by registering with the NDIS Commission.

I care about helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community.

By helping high-quality service providers get their NDIS registration sorted, I’m helping NDIS participants connect with client-centred providers who are small enough to genuinely care for them.

It’s a win-win situation.

Our NDIS Services

Advice on NDIS

Not sure whether your business should even become a ‘Registered’ NDIS Provider? Not all services have to register. I can help you understand the options you have, and the benefits of either direction.

NDIS Provider Registration

NDIS registration on your to-do list, but not happening? It’s time consuming, but I have the skills to make it straightforward for you.

Government Compliance

Looking for someone to make sense of government compliance, process and regulations? Speak to me about your needs and how I can help.

NDIS Portals Navigation

Are you a sole trader or employer and need help getting your NDIS Worker Screening Check completed? Is the portal a maze, and you have no idea where to go? Let me show you how.

SDA Experts

Are you interested in Specialised Disability Accommodation. Building, Buying, Investing, Selling or Managing. I have the answers to your questions, and the paperwork to support it too.

Operations and Systems Review

You started the business to meet an urgent community need. Then things picked up super-fast! Months or years later, your back-end is a mess,, and you haven’t got the time, energy or brain capacity to simplify, streamline and automate your processes. Outsource this to me. Like an “Operations Fairy Godmother”, I’ll have it all tidied up for you in no time.

Work with us

Super Support Team

Ongoing compliance and operational support for NDIS providers


Connection, collaboration and community for NDIS providers, participants and supporters.

NDIS Provider Registration and Compliance

NDIS registration on your to-do list, but not happening? It’s time consuming, but I have the skills to make it straightforward for you.

Connect My Community NDIS Consultancy

Our Community Conscious Promise

At Connect My Community Consultancy, we believe in upholding certain values, and our clients share these same values and agreements.

It’s what we call our Community Conscious Promise

It reflects our belief that success in business can be built through kindness and understanding, and that through building a community of like-minded, moral and ethical businesses, we can all raise each other up to do good things.

Our clients also abide by the Community Conscious Promise, which includes a commitment to care about clients and customers, be family-friendly, be 100% inclusive and to encourage joy, generosity and mindfulness.

You can read the details of our full Community Conscious Promise by downloading a full copy of the promise.

We Heart NDIS

Why Register as an NDIS Provider

For many businesses, the process of registering as an NDIS provider ends up in the ‘too hard’ basket, but the efforts are well rewarded for businesses who persevere.

Once registered, you’ll be in a position to work with 100% of over half a million NDIS participants, creating a new and reliable revenue stream, engaging with other providers, and growing your good reputation.

AND you’ll have exclusive access to the NDIS portals!

Only registered providers can quarantine funds, request payments straight from the source, link directly with participants, and appear within the internal list of registered providers. The first place participants, carers, planners and coordinators search within for new businesses to connect with.

The benefits are clear, but the process can be incredibly time consuming. I’ve worked with businesses who have spent months trying to get their application sorted, and have turned around their approval within a matter of weeks.

Working With Me

When you work with me, I’m all in.

I go above and beyond when it comes to providing expert personalised support for my clients.

My approach is specific to your needs, and I’ll be open and transparent with you every step of the way.

I’m here to:

  • Save you time, money and stress.
  • Efficiently manage your applications, renewals and registrations.
  • Be a safe pair of hands when it comes to compliance and registration.
  • Make processes clear and easy.
Phuong Connect My Community


Tread Right Podiatry

“Phuong completely rescued us during a time we were at a standstill with what more we needed to do. She took care of all the complicated details involved with the NDIS Provider Registration Renewal process for us. What took us several months earlier to try and do ourselves, Phuong was able to finalise in a matter of weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, She is well worth the investment.”

Alex Crittenden, Tread Right Podiatry

Carlson Hizon Fitness

“It is an absolute pleasure to call Phuong a close friend and I am super thankful for the work she has done for me and my business. Working with Phuong gave me complete peace of mind, taking on tasks that were complex and confusing. As an independent business owner not completely understanding what was required in regards to registration, I could see myself easily wasting time and energy. Her support and professional service was worth every dollar — Now I am able to engage with the NDIS and offer our personalised services, focusing purely on what we do best, knowing we have the ongoing support of Phuong should we ever need. The greatest reward is we now get to see our clients lives change for the better, thanks to Phuong’s help.”

Carlson Hizon, Carlson Hizon Fitness

LFBC Home Modifications

“Phuong made what seemed like an impossible task of registering my business for the NDIS Home modifications scheme simple and easy.

The more I got to know Phuong the more I see that Phuong lives and breaths her business name. Phuong is in tune with NDIS sector and actually cares about its clients and those that provide services within. No bigger evidence of that than the people Phuong surrounds herself with that are her community.

I can not express enough my gratitude in meeting Phuong and the exceptional service she provides for the community in getting people into such an exciting industry.“

Shannon Elliffe, LBFC Home Modifications

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