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I'm Phuong

Think of me as your go-to guru for all things compliance, with a huge sprinkle of community love!

Are you a bustling small business owner juggling a million things? Need a hand navigating the NDIS maze with integrity? Look no further! Here at Connect My Community, we offer the tech-savvy support and insider knowledge you need to be an awesome NDIS provider.


Comprehensive registration and consulting services that create clarity and achieve high quality compliance.



Connect and collaborate with fellow high quality, participant centred providers through our membership and events.


Partner with our Super Support Team to get the ongoing compliance and operational support that gives you peace of mind – and the time to spend on what really matters in your business.


Why us

Our passion

Whether you’re a gym owner, a compassionate support worker, a therapeutic wizard, a healthcare hero, a builder, or a construction champ – myself, along with the Super Support Team, are here to guide you through the NDIS Commission registration. No more feeling like you’re climbing Mount Everest!

Helping you means helping our community’s most vulnerable and deserving members find quality, caring service providers.

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Why become a

Registered NDIS Provider

Thinking about becoming an NDIS provider but worried it’s a mountain too steep? 

Sure, the journey to becoming an NDIS provider might seem daunting, but oh, the places you’ll go! Once you’re in, you’re opening doors to a whole new world of opportunities.

Let’s break it down into fun-size, easy-to-chew pieces!


Say Hello to Opportunities!

Imagine being able to work with 100% of over half a million NDIS participants. That’s not just a new revenue stream; it’s a roaring river of possibilities, collaborations, and a chance to polish your good name to a dazzling shine.

NDIS Portal Access

And guess what? You get VIP access to the NDIS portals! It’s like having a magic key to a kingdom of resources.

Superpowers of a Registered Provider

Quarantine funds? Check. Request payments directly? Double-check. Link up with participants? Triple-check. Shine bright on the internal list of registered providers? Mega-check!

Be the First Choice

You’ll be the go-to for participants, carers, planners, and coordinators. We’re talking about being listed in the first place they’re scouting for new, awesome providers like yours.

The Process - Simplified

Yes, it can take months to get your application just right, but guess what? We’ve zipped that process into weeks for many businesses. Fast, efficient, and oh-so rewarding!

The benefits

What we do for you

Team up with us, and you’re in for a treat! We’re not just on your team; we’re your biggest fans, going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality, tailor-made support. Think of us as your personal success squad, always transparent and always focused on what you need.

With us, it’s not just a journey; it’s a fun, collaborative adventure every step of the way!

We whisk away your worries and save you heaps of time, money, and stress

Our team swiftly steer your applications, renewals, and registrations to smooth sailing

We are your trusty guardians of compliance and registration, keeping everything in safe hands

Our Super Support Team simplify the complex, making processes as easy as pie and crystal clear

Our Community Conscious


Welcome to the heart and soul of Connect My Community Consultancy – our Community Conscious Promise! It’s like a secret handshake, but way cooler. We believe that sprinkling a little kindness and understanding in business isn’t just nice – it’s essential. We’re all about creating a family of businesses that are more friends than competitors, all united by our rock-solid, feel-good values.

Our clients? They’re the real MVPs here, living and breathing our Community Conscious Promise. They’re all about showering love on their clients and customers, creating a space that’s as warm as a family hug, embracing everyone with open arms, and spreading joy like confetti.

Want to join the party? Dive into the full details of our Community Conscious Promise by downloading it. It’s not just words on a page; it’s our blueprint for a happier, more mindful business world. Let’s make some magic together!

What they say

CMC's happy community

We make awesome happen, one smile at a time!

Join us and be part of a community that’s all about fun, friendship, and those feel-good vibes.

Shannon ElliffeLBFC Home Modifications
Read More
Phuong made what seemed like an impossible task of registering my business for the NDIS Home modifications scheme simple and easy.

The more I got to know Phuong the more I see that Phuong lives and breaths her business name. Phuong is in tune with NDIS sector and actually cares about its clients and those that provide services within. No bigger evidence of that than the people Phuong surrounds herself with that are her community.

I can not express enough my gratitude in meeting Phuong and the exceptional service she provides for the community in getting people into such an exciting industry.
Carlson HizonCarlson Hizon Fitness
Read More
It is an absolute pleasure to call Phuong a close friend and I am super thankful for the work she has done for me and my business. Working with Phuong gave me complete peace of mind, taking on tasks that were complex and confusing.

As an independent business owner not completely understanding what was required in regards to registration, I could see myself easily wasting time and energy. Her support and professional service was worth every dollar.

Now I am able to engage with the NDIS and offer our personalised services, focusing purely on what we do best, knowing we have the ongoing support of Phuong should we ever need. The greatest reward is we now get to see our clients lives change for the better, thanks to Phuong’s help.
Alex CrittendenTread Right Podiatry
Read More
Phuong completely rescued us during a time we were at a standstill with what more we needed to do. She took care of all the complicated details involved with the NDIS Provider Registration Renewal process for us. What took us several months earlier to try and do ourselves, Phuong was able to finalise in a matter of weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, She is well worth the investment.

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